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By establishing MoveFactorX, we have been able to add fresh insight and new technology to the world of movement and performance assessments. We hope to help the general population truly understand how they move and how they can move better! By using MoveFactorX Module™and Ballistic Ball with the MoveFactorX platform, your patients can improve how they feel and perform as they move through daily life.
Learn more about how MoveFactorX can assess movement health metrics about balance, mobility, and functional power:

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Still considering the benefits of MoveFactorX? See it in action alongside our MoveFactorX Module™ as they work with balance assessments, lower body movement, and upper body movement. By using these technologies, the balance assessment is detailed and measurable rather than a simple pass/fail test. The effectiveness of the exercises for building lower body movement are analyzed and improved upon. The upper body power can be more precisely measured with tools like the Ballistic Ball or the Static Chest Pass Protocol.

Exercising is no longer just about “How Many Reps.” It's about doing the right exercises in the right way to get the most out of your patients' work.

Balance Assessment

We take the established four-stage balance assessment protocol and add some fresh and valuable insight. With the addition of the MoveFactorX Module™ sensor, the traditional pass/fail test is now a detailed assessment of stability zones.

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Lower Body Functional Movement

Exercising is no longer just about “How Many Reps.”
The MoveFactorX 30-second chair stand assessment offers rep-by-rep instant feedback of performance characteristics such as speed and power.

These fresh analytics open a new frontier specific to the patient's needs and exercise programming: do they require more single task / 1 rep power, or should endurance be a priority? After a baseline assessment and exercise block, a follow-up assessment helps evaluate the effectiveness of the patient's exercise program.

As we can see from the results of this 73-year-old gentleman, a more precise evaluation offers insights to view performance outputs from early reps compared to later reps.

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Upper Body Functional Movement

By using the world's first smart medicine ball, the patented Ballistic Ball, we now have a precise and functional measure of upper body power. Our Static Chest Pass Protocol offers feedback metrics such as speed, force, and power.
In the following demonstration you will see two repetitions with a 2-kg Ballistic Ball, and two repetitions with a 10-LBS Ballistic Ball.

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