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As a healthcare professional, you have a passion for movement health, rehabilitation, and performance. So do we! It's so rewarding to see a patient's progress after all that hard work. Just imagine the progress you could see with the high-tech equipment of large hospitals and healthcare institutions.

Whether you focus on Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Bariatric Rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehabilitation, or any other types of movement healthcare services, you know that Movement Health is at the core of your profession and passion for helping improve the physical health of others.

We fuse movement sensor technology with our proprietary software to create a technology platform for our healthcare customers, allowing you to provide objective and actionable feedback to your patients.
More importantly, we do that for a fraction of the cost that you would need to pay for traditional movement health assessment equipment. We make our technology affordable, smart and portable, so you can take it everywhere you need to use it.

What MoveFactorX Can Do for Your Practice
As a movement health professional, MoveFactorX will help you observe and assess your patients' movements in extreme and accurate detail. How exactly can it benefit your practice, though?

While most movement assessment equipment can cost anywhere between $10-$60k, we know that these prices are far too expensive and take up way too much space. These prices make movement health less accessible for many. That's why we ensured MoveFactorX would cost far less than current movement assessment technologies!

Doing the same movements over and over can get frustrating for patients, even though they are moving for their own physical health. That's why we decided to make health fun by adding games and challenges to the MoveFactorX platform so the user can stay motivated and get the results they need!

Movement health should be accessible from anywhere. MoveFactorX allows you to connect with your patients from a distance so that no matter the situation, every patient can get the movement help they need.

How You Can Support Your Patients with MoveFactorX

Measurable Achievements
MoveFactorX is a great way to increase the value that you bring to your patients every day by ensuring their hard work is measurable and their achievements are being tracked. Through MoveFactorX, you can help your patients establish a starting point and assess each milestone they achieve.


Our platform can help your patients not only set their goals, but also be reminded of them as their progress is measured. The platform is also user friendly and entertaining for sedentary or senior patients.

Daily Benefits
MoveFactorX will continue to offer assessments and exercises to aid your patient in the activities of their daily life, even helping senior and rehabilitation patients move towards fall prevention.

Fulfill that passion for helping people regain and improve their mobility with MoveFactorX!

Physical Therapy Exercises

Check out some movement protocols and case study to learn how to apply the MoveFactorX platform to your practice.

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