new Ballistic Ball™ X

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The Ball with Brains,  It was time to make your medicine ball training count. The Ballistic Ball™ X blends movement sensor technology with the versatility of a medicine ball.  The result, breakthrough performance information to redefine the assessment of movement coordination and training transfer.  

Precise power and velocity outputs, right when the ball leaves you hands, replaces the estimating days of how high and how far.  Rotational power, vertical power, and upper extremity power are available to use in an easy to use assessment package.

The package includes your selection of a Ballistic Ball X diameter size & weight.  Weights range in 1KG increments from 2 - 7KG.  Ball diameters of 9 inches (2, 3KG) & 12 inches (4, 5, 6, 7KG).

As of December 2022 all weights are limitedly available to order.  For USA and Canada customers shipping is free.  Please allow up to 7 business days for order fulfillment and shipment tracking.

Independant Validation Report from Sanford Health Bio Medical & Engineering