About Us

MoveFactorX is a fully integrated platform that lets you optimize your patients’ and athletes' improvement through exercise and movement health.

MoveFactorX offers a game-changing movement health/performance package that:

- Uses high-tech movement sensor technology, wearable on the body or the medicine ball. 

- Incorporates scientific research-based protocols to capture and assess key biometrics. 

- Offers pioneering feedback on balance, reaction, mobility, and functional power. 

- Captures biometrics on the seven core movement patterns (twist, push, pull, bend, squat, lunge, and gait).

MoveFactorX measures, reports and motivates.

Our Mission

Our mission and purpose is to improve the way people feel by changing the way they move. 

Education Through Assessment = Change

After pioneering products within the sport tech space, we are expanding utility to impact human performance.  We understand the importance of movement health, whether it’s working on the prevention side or part of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Our innovative platform adds the objective feedback, the evidence, to keep patients engaged and motivated, while also helping clinicians make better informed decisions to improve outcomes in the value-based care environment. 

With our ultra-portable movement sensor technology, it presents an instant scorecard of an individual's movement quality. Therefore giving an individual a benchmark to improve upon, then in turn improving upon their strength, power and movement.