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What is the cost for the reporting software? - The software and iOS app are free with the purchase of the products. No annual fees.

Do you charge a reoccurring subscription fee? - Nope, your upfront purchase covers everything you need to operate the sensor and app. Future software updates are included as well.

Is there a web portal for data review? - A web portal version is in progress and we plan to have it live by Q1 2022. The basic reporting package will be free of charge. Get ready for your data scientist assistant coach.

Is the system compatible with iOS and Android? - Right now, the system is only compatible with iOS. We are working on plans to add Android. So, at this time we are NOT compatible with Android.

Is a tablet required, or does it work with phones? - No tablet required. The app is compatible with iOS so either an iPad or iPhone. We do recommend that you use an iPad if you would like to utilize our team mode. Overall, we find the best-practice use of our products is with an iPad, as this option allows you added screen real estate to customize the metrics displayed and see how certain metrics interrelate (i.e. squat velocity to depth). Many customers take advantage of iPad savings by purchasing pre-owned.

Is user support provided? - Yes, we are happy to help onboard you with the product and technology. In fact, we take pride in offering a highly personalized approach to customer service, as we understand every customer has different goals with our products.

Is it recommended for use in the team setting? - Yes, this can be used in a team setting or even an individual setting. Our team setting interface is very efficient to manage during training, easily allowing data capture to be saved.

Is there a limit to how many athletes can use Move Factor X? - No limit on the amount of athletes.

How will I be able to access my data? - Through the FREE platform via the Apple App Store here.

What battery does the Module use? - 2032 coin cell, quality brand like Energizer, Duracell, or Maxwell. Learn how to replace the battery here.

Do you partner with schools or athletic programs? Yes we do! Contact us about partnering programs. We also can help with Purchase Orders. Just contact us for more information.

Is MoveFactorX compatible with BarSensei? The MoveFactorX is the next-gen and upgraded version of the BarSensei. We are committed to taking care of all of our customers. Existing Bar Sensei user may upgrade to the MoveFactorX app.

Do you have a trade in program for Bar Sensei users? Yes, we do have a buy back program available for those who would like to trade in a Bar Sensei for a new MoveFactorX module. Please inquire.

Do you ship internationally? - Yes, we do!

Can I still use the new app with the Bar Sensei and original Ballistic Ball? - All BarSensei customers are able to use the MFX app and the app is designed to be compatible with BarSensei.

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