Help your athletes move better

Fulfill Your Passion

Are you a fitness professional, personal trainer, coach, health club owner, box facility owner, or physical education teacher? If so, then:

●      We know that your profession is your passion.

●      We know that you share this passion with your athlete.

●      We understand that you are always learning about fitness, health, and performance.

●      We appreciate that you want to offer the best service to the people who trust you with their health.

●      We understand that you sometimes wish you could have the high-tech equipment of large institutions.

We want to help you fulfill your passion for better movement and better performance.

Here at MoveFactorX, our goal is to help you provide feedback to your clients that is both measurable and actionable through our movement sensor technology and MoveFactorX platform.

We do that for a fraction of the cost that you would need to pay for traditional movement health assessment equipment. And we make our technology smart and portable, so you can take it everywhere you need to use it.

Fulfill Your Passion For Better Movement and Better Performance with MoveFactorX.

What MoveFactorX Can Do for Your Business

As a fitness professional, we know it can be a challenge to find an affordable, motivating solution for fitness and physical education. MoveFactorX aims to provide this solution as a method of observing and assessing your athletes' movements in accurate detail.

Cost and Space

We know that the necessary movement assessment equipment is way too pricey and can cost anywhere between $10-$60k. Not only is this way too expensive, but the equipment is also challenging to move and takes up far too much space. MoveFactorX costs a fraction of other movement assessment equipment and is small and easily portable, so that money and space are not issues anymore.


For some clients and athletes, we know motivation can be hard to come by. That's why we decided to make fitness fun by incorporating games and challenges into the MoveFactorX platform. Now, your clients and athletes have a higher chance of staying motivated and seeing their results.


Your services can be accessible to clients and athletes from anywhere with MoveFactorX, which we have designed to allow you to connect with any client from a distance. No matter the situation, every client and athlete can have access to you as their fitness professional.

Support your athletes

Your athletes deserve the best and MoveFactorX can bring your services from good to great! Using our platform, you will be able to help your clients:

Determine a starting point. MFX offers the ability to measure where your athlete stands with their movement and physical abilities before they even begin training!

Set actionable goals. You and your athlete can not only set goals, but also see how to best achieve them AND watch as progress is made by viewing real time measurements!

Train better remotely. Our devices are user friendly and easy to use so no matter who your athlete is and no matter how far away they are, they can get the help they need from you!

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