See it in action

Watch some examples of how to apply velocity based training workouts with our MoveFactorX module. Workouts like power cleans, squats, bench press, etc...

Note: we did change our name from Bar Sensi to MoveFactorX. The workouts still apply to the new MoveFactorX Module and reporting app.

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Power Clean

Tracking movement of power clean strength training with instant barbell tracking and velocity based training. At heavier loads (in this case 275 LBS), to maximize the performance of each rep, the athlete takes a short break in between each rep. This is the application of IRR, used to maximize the VBT outputs.

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Squat Velocity Based Training

3 squat repetitions using the Bar Sensei instant barbell tracking peak speed, pop-100 and distance.

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Pin Squat

One of the innovative metrics offered by the Bar Sensei is POP-100. This metric offers a RFD / starting strength output by assessing the speed hit at the 100 millisecond (0.10 sec) point of the concentric phase.

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