Step 1.

Download the MoveFactorX application from the Apple App store (search “MoveFactorX”). The mobile app supports iPhone and iPad models, minimum device requirement is the A7 chip set (these models go back over 6 years). Extended user features with an iPad include the Coach/Trainer mode and extra configurable instant metric settings. Due to the extra screen real estate found on the iPad, we recommend this option for the team setting and for any user who likes to have added near real-time information at their fingertips.

Once you download the MFX app you will create an account, this is a quick step, we do not ask many questions. If you are creating an account with an iPad, you have an opportunity to sign in as an individual (default setting) or touch the blue line to “Sign in as Coach/Trainer.” Your sign in credentials may be used to switch between the individual and team settings at any time (settings wheel, sign out if you would like to change).

The steps to create Team and Athlete Rosters we think you will find rather intuitive. While signed in under the Coach/Trainer mode touch on the “+ Create A Team” button and “+ Add A Member” button to build out teams and rosters. Multiple teams may be set up, and the “team” field may be used to categorize and organize teams or groups as you please (i.e., volleyball, ice hockey, varsity football, JV football, S&C class, active aging, youth).

Product enhancements driven by the MFX app will be made available on a periodic basis to add new features, expand movement protocols, fix bugs, and adding various updates to improve your experience with the MFX products. These updates are included with your purchase. Our MFX platform is dynamic in nature, innovation will occur and will be passed on to you. A significant update posted June 1st which added body weight movement protocols. We included the clip accessory to support the body weight movements. Your MFX module application will be expanded to include feedback during various jumping protocols. Please stay tuned to our social media for the latest news and update information and education.


- the MoveFactorX app is only compatible with Apple App Store at this time. We recommend using an iPad when using the products.

- You can also rename your device when setting it up. So if you have multiple modules you can name them something different to keep track.

Step 2.

Select the Product:

Highlight the MoveFactorX product box, if not already showing in red. The MoveFactorX module ID appears, in this case MFX-S-2329. Touch on the module ID, connection circle will appear followed by a check mark. During the connection process the LED on the module will display a quick series of green blinks, followed by a green blink every two seconds.

Once the MoveFactorX module is connected to the app, touch “next”. The module LED green blink every two seconds confirms the module is synced and ready for training.

Note: The app is set on the MFX option and will remember your last selection during future use.

Step 3.

Select your Exercise

Select your exercise

- Select your preference of weight in KG or LBS

- Set the "Load"

- To set the load, touch on the value, in the example below 20KG. A number pad will appear to allow you to change the load. After entering the load, touch away from the pad and it will disappear.

- Hit "Start" and wait for the count down, then begin getting into your ready position.

Step 4.

The 10 seconds timer will start to countdown. This time allows you to get into the ready position to start the lift. If you are training with someone and the lifter is in the ready position, the supporting athlete or coach may touch “dismiss” to bypass the full countdown timer.

After the 10 second timer goes to zero, or someone touches “dismiss”, and the lifter is in the stable/ready position, you will hear a Ding and see a Flash. Upon the Ding/Flash start the movement and complete one repetition. Upon completing the repetition, the app will display instant performance feedback of the lift.

If doing multiple repetitions the app will prompt the next repetition after a 1 second hold in the stable/ready position. The system workflow is looking for the lifer to complete a repetition, back to the stable/ready position (at which time the instant feedback will appear), then on the Ding/Flash start the next repetition.

If you need to switch between athletes, simply just click on the name in the profile and select the next athlete. Then go through the process of selecting the exercise and reps.

Our goal is to meet your expectations of velocity-based sport tech, along with sharing experience and wisdom to help make the technology work efficiently and effectively for your situation.

If you have any issues getting set up or questions feel free to contact us for support.

How to Change the Battery

The Module uses a 2032 coin cell, quality brand like Energizer, Duracell, or Maxwell. Just simply pop the back off the module and replace it with a new battery. Re-sync the device and then you're good to go!

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See the module in action

Check out ways to use our MoveFactorX module with velocity based training exercises.

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