Move Factor X mobile application for iOS

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The free download is available at the Apple App Store, you do not need to place an order from our store.  Please go to the Apple App Store and search "MoveFactorX" The free mobile application to support the new MoveFactorX, new Ballistic Ball 2022, and legacy Ballistic Ball and Bar Sensei users.

Our clean and bold interface allows you to decide what is important to view, along with quick touch features to change out athletes, select exercises, or modify loads.  With our original A2P Sport app being so well received for its ease-of-use and workflow, much of the customer facing user interface is carried over to our update. 

Instant rep-by-rep feedback for barbell movements and Ballistic Ball throws is supported with the iOS application.

If you are a MoveFactorX user, all of the velocity-based training / VBT standards like bar speed and power are available, along with innovative metrics like POP-100 (RFD), mean propulsive velocity (MPV), and eccentric reporting.  When it comes to VBT training and barbell tracking, our goal is to give you what you know, while providing you with some class-leading metrics for the next level.

If you are a Ballistic Ball user, the black hole of medicine ball training is now replaced with A2P Sport app outputs such as Power and Speed, with more on the way.

Download the MoveFactorX mobile application at the Apple App Store, search MoveFactorX (available now).  You are not required to make a purchase through our store.