pre-release PROMO, new Move Factor X module (est. shipping starts in late Sept)


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The MoveFactorX sensor module that captures the movement to provide instant barbell tracking and velocity-based training (VBT) performance feedback via our free iOS mobile application.  Our innovative and powerful platform is the smallest footprint on the market, an ultra-portable package that weighs in at a mere 25 grams and uses only 8 cm of barbell real estate.  

Your purchase includes the MFX sensor module, barbell sleeve, MoveFactorX app, and entry access to our fully integrated team reporting package (reporting package available later this year).  MoveFactorX provides superior value and utility for those looking to get in the game of athlete performance improvement and monitoring.

The MFX sensor module is a (thoroughly) Made in the U.S.A. product, including:  hardware/software engineering, electronics module manufacturing, plastic casing, final assembly, and packaging.  This product replaces the Bar Sensei.

Body weight jump performance application coming later this year, and supported with this MFX module purchase.


Key features & benefits: 

- No more hassle of a re-chargeable battery.  The MFX module runs on a coin cell battery, eliminating the octopus of charging cables and anxiety of making sure your sport tech is charged & ready for a day of training (or, over charging which depletes battery life).  Store your MFX module anywhere, or as a team simply store a handful together in a bin to secure.   When you are ready to train so is you MFX barbell tracker.  When your module power starts to run low or gets depleted, simply change out the coin cell battery (quick) and you are back at full strength.

- Assurance your sport tech is synced and ready to go.  The LED power indicator lets you know if the MFX module is in stand-by mode or synced up and ready for instant performance feedback.  There is no on/off switch or wake up process, our LED sequencing feedback offers user confidence that your sport tech is ready to perform.



A big part of our next-gen platform development includes a new algorithmic methodology for accurate and precise movement performance feedback.  The hard products you touch, feel, move, and throw are supported by elaborate under-the-hood software engineering to turn your movement into actionable and valid information.  Read the independent validation study prepared by Sanford Engineering & Applied Science - Sanford Health. 

Pre-release orders are being taken now -- limited quantity & first come first serve -- available at the promotional price of $275 (regular price is $349).  Estimated ship date is September.

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