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MoveFactorX has partnered with Vitruve to make their LPT product more readily available in the U.S.!  We support the mixed-use VBT sport technology environment and joined forces with another high-value product.  The goal is to provide a movement performance eco-system that allows access to more teams and athletes.  

Now taking orders, shipments start in July!

The addition of the Vitruve Encoder really puts into practice the approach of velocity-based training (VBT) application to create sport tech efficiency and results.  We recognize specific customer preferences and understand how the LPT may suit certain needs.  The transfer to the sporting task is a full circle with their product + ours for body, bar, and ball.

The Vitruve Encoder includes:

  • Vitruve Encoder
  • Velcro Strap
  • Neoprene Bag
  • USB micro-B

IS IT COMPATIBLE WITH iOS AND ANDROID? The individual Vitruve app is compatible with Android and iOS. The minimum version for Android is 6.0 and the minimum version for iOS is 12.1. However, the Vitruve Teams app is only compatible with iOS.

WHAT IS THE WARRANTY? You will have a 2 year warranty to fully cover any potential mechanical defects or failures from normal product use.  

Watch this YouTube video to learn more about the product

Order shipping and fulfillment of the Vitruve product is only available for the U.S.A.


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